Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Round Two: Paronella Camping

Best Way to start a camping trip is lunch at a Five Star Resort.  

Love the Elandra at Mission Beach.  I can get psyched up to face tenting while having a beverage and lunch here.

There is always someone who figures they can do it better than the original.  Nice attempt sir at your modern day Paronella.

However, the neighbors on either side are desperate to get out!

 The Real Deal.  Paronella Park which is brought to you by a Spanish gent who started out cane farming and then began castle building in the tropics.  I'm waiting for the cane farmers here in Ingham to step up their game and do something wild and crazy.  

      To get the full story.

One week after we were there we had massive amounts of rain in a 24 hr period and it flooded.

  This place would be a fantastic Halloween Party spot.  Hello North Queensland Halloween needs to be embraced because I have party plans!

 Now for some of the beauties that inhabit these parts.  Gotta love the colors.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Practice Camping

Finally,after two and bit years we pulled out the camping gear and decided to have a practice camping trip.  
Just a bit worried about the size or lack thereof.  Not too keen on being too close in the heat and humidity!

Note to selves...put something inside the tent while airing it out.

   Good thing about camping with a very pedantic partner those boxes you see are perfectly packed with a photo to show how to arrange the contents.  I only worry about the food and beverage bit!!

Ellis Beach.  Best spot to practice camp.  We're headed back at Xmas but staying in a cabin this time:)
Why try this at home when you can wait until setting up to see if the beds will fit.

Success!!  The real reason Scott has a hat on is that our tent has dandruff.  10 years on and the waterproofing is gone.  Strange really considering we live in the tropics.

Camping envy.  This is what I want to upgrade to.  Outback, creek crossing, etc here we come!

What I love and hate about North Queensland beaches.  Miles and miles of beach with no-one around.  Great when relaxing but horrible when needing a people fix.  Bring on South Beach in Miami, or even Bondi!

Our entertainment.  This happened more than once to this guy. I think he was "practice sailing".  Jeff, this video is for you.  

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mountain Mama

Love the transition from the prairies to the mountains between Calgary and Banff.

Then as you reach Golden and mountain life there...

You find Bear Scat that is worth examining...

Followed by a swing on the gate...

And then a lecture.
My mountain man minus a beard.

The cabin that I love.  Thanks to my family for  putting so much time and effort into it.  It's fantastic!!
The view from the cabin.

Good friends who show up in the wilderness.

Love this hiker boy and his mama.
Mountain girl herself. xo

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Canadian Summer Memories that I love...

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Celebrating Birthdays that we miss during the year with a day on the rides.....may seriously need to rethink having the kids choose their gifts!!

Chelsea, the ruler of the games.

Really not fond of this ride.  The things you do for love!!

Keygan, Faith, Chelsea and I waiting for the wooden roller coaster.  Looking calm....

And then this...bruises for days!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Canadian Summer Reports to Entice the Visitors from Down Under


Lunch started with puffy blue clouds and blue sky and lots of mosquitos with all the rain we've been having.

Beautiful colors make you think you are sitting in Mexico!

Love the aged wood and the colorful pots on the wall

Bountiful Bouquets

May and Jean looking for bargains

Mom and Joann

The Birthday Girl

Sunstreaks through the clouds

Yes, Scott I'm still taking pictures of clouds and skies.  This afternoon ended with a fantastic storm!  It was a gorgeous sky!!


The resultant double rainbow over Prairie Sound after the storm. I know, I know!! You should never use screen as an interesting filter!!!!  Who said that anyway??