Monday, June 27, 2011

Canadian Summer Reports to Entice the Visitors from Down Under


Lunch started with puffy blue clouds and blue sky and lots of mosquitos with all the rain we've been having.

Beautiful colors make you think you are sitting in Mexico!

Love the aged wood and the colorful pots on the wall

Bountiful Bouquets

May and Jean looking for bargains

Mom and Joann

The Birthday Girl

Sunstreaks through the clouds

Yes, Scott I'm still taking pictures of clouds and skies.  This afternoon ended with a fantastic storm!  It was a gorgeous sky!!


The resultant double rainbow over Prairie Sound after the storm. I know, I know!! You should never use screen as an interesting filter!!!!  Who said that anyway??

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Amalia's Birthday .... hi Auntie Paula

Oops.... got my fingers into before the singing was done!

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So that is what is under the candles!

Grandma Parks' 82 Birthday celebrations here and there....

At Ross and Sarah's House    ......

Molly and Shauna presenting the cake while Wayne looks on...

Happy Birthday Grandma!

What a surprise!  I didn't expect this....

At Evelyn's Memory Lane in High River

This is the first time I get to have a baby cone for someone else's birthday....


... is she ever going to share??

                                    ok then.... guess you can have some, after all it is Grandma's special day.


mmmmm...... pretty good!

Just some of the partying that went on :))

A Quick Catch Up... from up over to down under

The cute little munster who wasn't so happy yesterday with his runny nose.  The first time he has stayed at Gramma's house on his own!  Will they come back and get me?

Today his sister has gone to Leduc and now he really doesn't know how he should take that?.... kind of funny without her here!  She is an ever present presence!!  And how she loves him!  Let her show him the many ways!