Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Swimming with the Women

Must adopt a strong, fierce and of course focused swim face.....and it's always helpful to make sure the equipment works before hitting the H2O.

A good luck kiss never hurts.

Diving, who's worrying about diving at this stage we're just working on the breathing and getting the arms, legs and head to do what they need to while keeping afloat.

I've found my happy place again with an empty pool early in the morning. Even lightening couldn't disturb my zen like state as I swam. Hence the need for the lifeguard to come over and blow her whistle repeatedly to get me out of the pool.

We swam our way out west. However, have become beached since getting back. I guess there have been too many distractions such as torrential rains. Can't wait to get back to the pool.

Just a little side note to end has not only swam once but TWICE with her pedometer. Words fail me. My brother suggested she get the nike one since it would be in her shoe. However, not sure that would change anything.

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