Saturday, February 26, 2011

Signs of life

Good to see that things in Canada and Oz are the same....dangerous animals and children sharing the same so space.  So nice.

Enjoy your time hiking!
Like the plea to "please" come to the cinema

Still have to chant this mantra to myself when I'm tired.

No weak napping allowed!

Aussies have such a way with words.  Want to go for dinner?

So glad they won't take exchanges or refunds on ass shoes.

Australia's version of leap frog.

For my niece. Same spelling and it was beautiful like she is.

I think I could've been a hillbilly in a former life.  Loved this place.  Tastings at a Hoochery are so refined.  Yum!

So glad Maggie goes for Flavour.  Love her place in the Barossa.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sail Away, Sail Away

Our home on the high seas, well the moderate Whitsunday seas.
Captain Scott

Yup we were boarded by pirate children from another boat.  Ended peacefully with lots of laughs.

Move over Uncle Scott, Captain Amaila has taken over
Dalton was even in on the water action

"2, 4 ,6  Water Jumpies!!"

Ahoy Matey "Great snorkelling bay ahead"

So relaxed snorkelling Amalia decides to nap.
Mom thinking of becoming a grotty yachty

Dalton ready for anything

Fear of swimming a thing of the past!

Not a bad setting for making dinner

Yes, Leonie is Queen of her boat and no those aren't extra sails they are their bedsheets.  Collateral from a mishap while swabbing the deck!

Getting the "all clear"

A bonding moment that involved tickling not pinching

Family photo.  If having problems with one child, tie them up and let them flail.

Monica, Joan, me, Dalton, Mom, Amalia, Jeff, Scott. Vic the photographer

Life doesn't get much better than a hammock on a sailboat

Fantastic time and yup would do it again with two kids under two.  Love being on the water!