Saturday, February 26, 2011

Signs of life

Good to see that things in Canada and Oz are the same....dangerous animals and children sharing the same so space.  So nice.

Enjoy your time hiking!
Like the plea to "please" come to the cinema

Still have to chant this mantra to myself when I'm tired.

No weak napping allowed!

Aussies have such a way with words.  Want to go for dinner?

So glad they won't take exchanges or refunds on ass shoes.

Australia's version of leap frog.

For my niece. Same spelling and it was beautiful like she is.

I think I could've been a hillbilly in a former life.  Loved this place.  Tastings at a Hoochery are so refined.  Yum!

So glad Maggie goes for Flavour.  Love her place in the Barossa.

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