Monday, March 28, 2011

A little color to go with the coffee

I've found a great secondhand furniture shop here in Ingham.  Nigel and his shop partner are even kind enough to throw the cobwebs in for free.  They are super generous.  I seem to have lost the before pictures of this piece.   The orange used to be brown and the turquoise was white.  However, I need a lot more color in my life than that.  Especially when brewing the morning cup of coffee.

Watch this space.  The curtains in this joint are the next thing to get an overhaul!
 My studio happens to be in the space between the kitchen table and the couch.
Queensland Health doesn't really care for orange paint on their flooring.  Strange.

Anthroplogie is where I found these beautiful drawer knobs.  Love them.


  1. It looks fantastic all finished!! Goodonya!!

  2. I love it!! I need some bright colours in my furniture, but Brody hates when I decorate with bright colours (our room in Cranbroook was lime green, the living room torquoise). I wonder if he would be fine with just some bright dressers...