Saturday, October 29, 2011

Practice Camping

Finally,after two and bit years we pulled out the camping gear and decided to have a practice camping trip.  
Just a bit worried about the size or lack thereof.  Not too keen on being too close in the heat and humidity!

Note to selves...put something inside the tent while airing it out.

   Good thing about camping with a very pedantic partner those boxes you see are perfectly packed with a photo to show how to arrange the contents.  I only worry about the food and beverage bit!!

Ellis Beach.  Best spot to practice camp.  We're headed back at Xmas but staying in a cabin this time:)
Why try this at home when you can wait until setting up to see if the beds will fit.

Success!!  The real reason Scott has a hat on is that our tent has dandruff.  10 years on and the waterproofing is gone.  Strange really considering we live in the tropics.

Camping envy.  This is what I want to upgrade to.  Outback, creek crossing, etc here we come!

What I love and hate about North Queensland beaches.  Miles and miles of beach with no-one around.  Great when relaxing but horrible when needing a people fix.  Bring on South Beach in Miami, or even Bondi!

Our entertainment.  This happened more than once to this guy. I think he was "practice sailing".  Jeff, this video is for you.  

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