Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Round Two: Paronella Camping

Best Way to start a camping trip is lunch at a Five Star Resort.  

Love the Elandra at Mission Beach.  I can get psyched up to face tenting while having a beverage and lunch here.

There is always someone who figures they can do it better than the original.  Nice attempt sir at your modern day Paronella.

However, the neighbors on either side are desperate to get out!

 The Real Deal.  Paronella Park which is brought to you by a Spanish gent who started out cane farming and then began castle building in the tropics.  I'm waiting for the cane farmers here in Ingham to step up their game and do something wild and crazy.  

      To get the full story.

One week after we were there we had massive amounts of rain in a 24 hr period and it flooded.

  This place would be a fantastic Halloween Party spot.  Hello North Queensland Halloween needs to be embraced because I have party plans!

 Now for some of the beauties that inhabit these parts.  Gotta love the colors.

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  1. Gotta love 'em all right, the tongues look quite healthy. ;-)) Hope you're buying one of the side suites for your visitors!